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Radio Brennt! Unterwegs #6 feat. Charlie Harper (UK Subs)

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Charlie Harper is one of punks longterm survivors. He founded legendary punk outfit UK Subs in 1976, when he was already in his early Thirties, after he played in a Rhythm and Blues Band and earning his money as a hairdresser. He made it through the decades being the only consistent member of UK Subs still touring and playing more then 100 shows every year.

The whole Interview on YouTube

Interview Teaser: Why more people should be listening to punkrock!

Charlie Harper on why more people should be listening to punkrock.

Charlie has a special relationship to Germany – in the interview he blames a former German tourmanager and German sweets for his diabetes. But he also loves German specialties like Kohlrouladen and German Spaghetti Bolognese. Of cause we not only talked about food when we met him before his show at the Fabrik in Hamburg in January 2020. He also talks about family relationships and surviving more then 40 years of punk rock. He told us how it all started with the UK Subs and what he thinks about young punk rock bands nowadays. At the end of the interview he tells us why more people should listen to punkrock. This part of the interview for us is already a classic saying we will always remember. So watch it ‘till the end.

Charlie Harper (UK Subs) Interview on Radio Brennt!

Radio Brennt! is an uncommercial radio show airing on Hamburg/Germany based local radio station once a month and more frequently as a podcast, supporting mostly widely unknown local bands but also doing interviews with popular guests of all kinds of guitar and even soul music coming to town.

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